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Going until November 29
A block of 8 MB classes with Sam Aros-Mitchell, 

Noelle Awadallah and Margaret Ogas
Wednesday evenings
Please register for class via email
Classes are free
Drop-in basis

What is MB?

MB is a kinesthetic movement research, founded by

dancer/farmer Min Tanaka, further developed by

practitioners worldwide. MB or Muscle/Bone technique

often works within a format built on a series of progressive 

invitations to move across the floor, serving to open the

body to new possibilities for movement through challenge, (

dis)coordination, rhythmic study, exhaustion and raw physicality.

MB resists the definition of a singular “technique" in the traditional

sense of the word. The movements proposed here serve to

decontextualize the participants known body, by calling attention

to fixed habits/tendencies, drawing upon group energy, and refusing

to settle in a single point of movement reference. MB explores spatial

activation, as well as strategies for developing agility, speed,


Sam Aros-Mitchell began training in MB technique with Maori

choreographer Charles Koroneho over 10 years ago and has

become one of the few teachers in the United States to offer this

workshop. This training informs much of Aros-Mitchell’s work, his

pedagogy, his artistic expression as well as working in the

movement community.

“This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through

a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks t

o a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.” 

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